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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection is a simplified, quick issue insurance that is used to protect our client's greatest asset. Mortgage protection plans are designed to provide a death benefit to pay off all, or a portion of, a client's mortgage. Optional riders are available in most states, such as disability income and return of premium, which refunds all, or part of, the premium paid if the policy is unused. This product, offered by many of our carriers, can be customized to fit each client's needs and budget.

Final Expense

The loss of a loved one in death is an emotionally difficult experience. Final expense plans are designed to remove, or offset, the financial stress that is associated with death. Our clients are able to use final expense plans to help their clients prepare for their difficult time. These plans are available in varying coverage amounts to fit a variety of budgets. Due to the diversity of our carriers, Equis agents are able to find coverage for their clients no matter what their current health status may be.

Living Benefits

Critical illness insurance is medical insurance that provides a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness or condition. This payout helps our clients avoid the financial burden that can be created by those illnesses. Our clients have found this benefit payout useful for getting the treatment they want, spending time with their family and friends, keeping their home, and filling in the financial gaps left by most medical insurances. Individuals must qualify for critical illness coverage which is dependent on a number of factors including current health and medical history, age, and occupation.

Retirement Planning

An annuity can be used to save for retirement, preserve funds already saved for retirement and to provide a steady stream of income during retirement. They have become a very popular choice for retirement planning, especially with the stock market volatility over the last decade. Annuities are financial contracts between an insurance company and contract owners. Payments into an annuity can be made via a lump sum, or a series of monthly payments to the insurance company. These funds will accumulate on a tax-deferred basis, which can be a tremendous advantage over time. Fixed Index Annuities provide an opportunity for growth without the risk involved with most investments. This is especially attractive to pre-retirees and retirees looking to preserve assets they have built over several decades. Many annuities offer the ability to add optional benefits such as a lifetime income rider, which gives clients a guaranteed income no matter how long they live.

College Planning

One of the biggest concerns related to new generations of people is the rapidly rising cost of a college education. More young people are seeking a higher education today than any other previous generation. Unfortunately, with the rising costs associated with that education, they're being forced to pay with borrowed money. At Equis Financial, we view it as incredibly critical that our clients, their families, and the future generations of the world are educated on the many college funding options available today. Our financial literacy experts are here to assist clients on these options to ensure their financial futures are bright and unencumbered by student loan debt.

Debt Elimination

Eliminating your debt can provide you with a sense of peace, freedom, and more opportunities to live the life you have always envisioned for yourself. With a specialized whole life or permanent policy, you can use funds from within your policy to pay off current debts. Becoming debt-free can be a slow and steady process, but customized plans can help speed up your pay-off and get you to a life without debt sooner than you ever expected!

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans pay the "gaps" in coverage for Original Medicare benefits (Parts A and B). Part A is hospital insurance. Part B is medical outpatient insurance. These "Parts" are only partially covered by the federal government. That’s why you should consider a Medicare supplement "Plan" to cover the gap in coverage that the government doesn’t fully cover. The goal is to have peace of mind to go to the doctor or hospital and not have to worry about networks or out-of-pocket costs since you are enrolled in both primary and secondary insurance. Your primary insurance would be Medicare which would approve your claim first and then your secondary Medigap plan would pay the balance of your Medicare-approved claims. Together it would leave you with very little out-of-pocket expenses for medical expenses.

Each supplement insurance plan comes with different benefits. However, each lettered plan guarantees certain standardized benefits regardless of your location or the insurance company offering it. For example, Medicare Supplement Plan F must provide the same standard benefits wherever you purchase your plan. 

If you are purchasing Medicare Supplement insurance, here are some basic points to know about your policy:
To purchase a Medicare supplement, you must enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.
The monthly premium that you will pay for your Medigap policy will be in addition to the monthly Part B premium you pay for Medicare.
Medigap plans are available for purchase from any insurance company licensed to sell in your state.
A Medigap plan covers a single person. If you and your spouse both need Medigap coverage, you will each have to buy your policy.
If you already have a Medicare Advantage plan, you cannot purchase a Medigap policy. This is only an option if you switch to Original Medicare coverage and are willing to drop your Medicare Advantage plan. You can’t be on both plans at the same time.
In the past, some Medigap plans covered prescription drugs. Since 2006, this has been no longer allowed. If you would like prescription drug coverage, you must join a Medicare Part D Plan. Part D is for prescription drugs only that you take to your pharmacy.

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