Virtual Startup 3

Step 3


Learn the basic necessities for running virtual appointments.

Set Up Your Virtual Office

  • Electronic items you will need for your virtual business include a computer, laptop, or tablet, as well as a phone and printer.
  • You will need a workstation with a clean and minimalistic background to run your appointments in front of.
  • Another beneficial item for success includes the Activity Tracker.

Set Up Your Whereby Account

  • Whereby is the digital platform Equis uses to get clients on video for appointments.
  • This platform requires NO DOWNLOADING, making the process seamless and easy for your clients.

Create Your Email Signature

Set up your email signature as follows:

  • First & last name‚Äč
  • Senior Field Underwriter
  • Mortgage Protection Division
  • State license number
  • Phone number
  • Link to your Whereby account