Virtual Startup 1

Step 1


Get appointed with our core carriers to begin writing business.

Obtain Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • This insurance helps to protect against claims arising from the sale and servicing of insurance products. E&O insurance is required to contract with most of our carriers.
  • ​Equis Financial has a special group pricing arranged with 360 Coverage Pros. They will set up monthly installments for this coverage.
  • Save a PDF copy of your coverage certification.

Complete Required Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification

  • Complete the REQUIRED AML certification course (Free). You must have the RegEd AML only, no other AML will be accepted.
  • Select the "Opt-out of CE credits" option, this AML course cannot be applied towards CE credits. Upon completing the course take a screenshot, save it, and convert it as a PDF for the upcoming steps.

Gather and Convert Required Documents

Gather and convert the following documents as individual PDFs:

    • Copy of driver's license​
    • Copy of state insurance license(s)
    • Voided Check (# must be over 100 or Bank Deposit Letter)
    • E&O Insurance Certificate
    • AML Certificate

Complete Your Background Questions

  • Insurance carriers require a completed background profile before processing your contracting application.
  • Upload all of the PDF required documents from the previous step into your background profile.
  • Make sure to provide a detailed explanation of any "YES" answers.

Optional: Apply for Non-Resident Licenses

  • Once you've signed off on carrier contracts, it's time to add any additional state licenses recommended by your manager.
  • Utilize Sircon to apply for non-resident licenses.
  • Once approved, email each state license to so they can update your profile.
  • Please note that adding additional state licenses will not hold up your ability to start helping families! You can begin writing in your resident state first before your non-resident states get approved.