Virtual Startup GLA

Virtual Sales Start-up

Virtual Sales Start-up

Step 1: Get Contracted

Get appointed with our core carriers to begin writing business.

Obtain Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • This insurance helps to protect against claims arising from the sale and servicing of insurance products. E&O insurance is required to contract with most of our carriers.
  • ​Equis Financial has a special group pricing arranged with 360 Coverage Pros. They will set up monthly installments for this coverage.
  • Save a PDF copy of your coverage certification.

Complete Required Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification

  • Complete the REQUIRED AML certification course (Free). You must have the RegEd AML only, no other AML will be accepted.
  • Select the "Opt-out of CE credits" option, this AML course cannot be applied towards CE credits. Upon completing the course take a screenshot, save it, and convert it as a PDF for the upcoming steps.

Gather and Convert Required Documents

Gather and convert the following documents as individual PDFs:

  • Copy of driver's license​
  • Copy of state insurance license(s)
  • Voided Check (# must be over 100 or Bank Deposit Letter)
  • E&O Insurance Certificate
  • AML Certificate

Complete Your Background Questions

  • Insurance carriers require a completed background profile before processing your contracting application.
  • Upload all of the PDF required documents from the previous step into your background profile.
  • Make sure to provide a detailed explanation of any "YES" answers.

Optional: Apply for Non-Resident Licenses

  • Once you've signed off on carrier contracts, it's time to add any additional state licenses recommended by your manager.
  • Utilize Sircon to apply for non-resident licenses.
  • Once approved, email each state license to so they can update your profile.
  • Please note that adding additional state licenses will not hold up your ability to start helping families!
  • You can begin writing in your resident state first before your non-resident states get approved.

Design a schedule that best fits your business plan.

Create Your Schedule

  • Write out a weekly schedule and stay disciplined.
  • Check out the sample schedule in the video above.
  • Be sure to block out times for weekly webinars, dial times, and personal obligations.


Learn the basic necessities for running virtual appointments.

Set Up Your Virtual Office

  • Electronic items you will need for your virtual business include a computer, laptop, or tablet, as well as a phone and printer.
  • You will need a workstation with a clean and minimalistic background to run your appointments in front of.
  • Another beneficial item for success includes the Activity Tracker.

Set Up Your Whereby Account

  • Whereby is the digital platform Equis uses to get clients on video for appointments.
  • This platform requires NO DOWNLOADING, making the process seamless and easy for your clients.

Create Your Email Signature

Set up your email signature as follows:

  • First & last name​
  • Senior Field Underwriter
  • Mortgage Protection Division
  • State license number
  • Phone number
  • Link to your Whereby account

Gather and convert the following documents as individual PDFs:

  • Copy of driver's license​
  • Copy of state insurance license(s)
  • Voided Check (# must be over 100 or Bank Deposit Letter)
  • E&O Insurance Certificate
  • AML Certificate

Utilize the underwriting toolkit and carrier quoting tools for appointments.

Bookmark the Carrier Quotes Page:

Underwriting Toolkit

  • Equis Financial has partnered with InsuranceToolkits to provide you with state-of-the-art underwriting technology.
  • Utilize the toolkit on every appointment for hassle-free underwriting.
  • Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use the underwriting toolkit.



Listen to live dials for different types of leads.

Learn to set appointments using Direct Mail "A" Leads.

Download Equis' Lead Journey to learn about the different types of leads:

Print Scripts and Objection Responses

  • Being efficient on the phone is key to your success at Equis.
  • Speak with your manager to learn the script they recommend based on the leads you are utilizing. Make sure to practice, practice, practice!
  • We recommend recording yourself to ensure you do not sound like a telemarketer. Know your objection responses in and out.

Learn How To Set Appointments Using Internet Leads.

Set appointments with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Leads.

Purchase Leads in OPT!

  • Opt! is a software program used by Equis Financial to manage the distribution and handling of our leads.
  • Access Opt! on your Equis dashboard under "Leads" - "Opt! Login."
  • DO NOT pay for Opt! Premium (unless you want to)... It's not needed to order or manage your leads.
  • Contact the Lead Department if you have any questions (828) 299-9600.
Watch the OPT! walk-through video ->

Watch virtual appointments from start to finish, as well as appointment breakdowns from virtual coaches.

(1/2) Term Life Sale: Watch Noell Hughes run a virtual appointment from the time she gets her clients on camera, determining the best product for them, to the transition of filling out their application.
(2/2) Whole Life Sale: Watch Noell Hughes transition to the Needs Analysis for a critical time period sale.
*Noell used the same techniques from the Term Life Sale appointment up until the transition to the Needs Analysis.
(1/2) Virtual Coaches Analyze Term Life Sale: Virtual coaches watch and break down Noell's Term Life Sale appointment to help you understand the ins and outs of WHY Noell does and says particular things during her appointment.
(2/2) Virtual Coaches Analyze Whole Life Sale: Virtual coaches explain why Noell transitioned into the critical time period presentation during her virtual appointment.

Get The Client On Video

Download Mortgage Protection Needs Analysis

  • Download the Mortgage Protection Needs Analysis to utilize during your appointments!

Download Life Leads Flip Chart

  • Download the Flip Chart to utilize when working with Equis' Life Leads.
Final Expense Sale: Watch Jonathan Burns run a virtual appointment from the time he gets his clients on camera, determining the best product for them, to the transition of filling out their application.

Use The Needs Analysis Worksheet On Every Appointment

Use The Needs Analysis Worksheet On Every Appointment


Learn about the predictable sales model for tracking your business.


Track Activity

  • It's critical to track your daily activity.
  • Use the Activity Tracker to track these 3 key metrics:
    • # of Dials
    • # of Contacts (who answers)
    • # of Appointments Booked
  • Do not track who does not book or why. (It does not matter!)

Participate in Daily Coaching Sessions Monday - Friday at 10 AM ET.

Participate in Daily Coaching Sessions

  • Every weekday, Monday - Friday at 10 AM ET.
  • Utilize Daily Coaching Sessions to make adjustments daily and continue learning the virtual sales process from your colleagues.
  • The key is to participate daily!
  • When joining the sessions, edit your Zoom name to be as follows: Your name - Your Regional Manager's last name - Your State.
    Example: Connor Jones - Rumbo - OH.