Virtual Startup

Virtual Sales Start-up

Virtual Sales Start-up

Step 1: Get Contracted

Get appointed with our core carriers to begin writing business.

Obtain Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • This insurance helps to protect against claims arising from the sale and servicing of insurance products. E&O insurance is required to contract with most of our carriers.
  • ​Equis Financial has a special group pricing arranged with 360 Coverage Pros. They will set up monthly installments for this coverage.
  • Save a PDF copy of your coverage certification.

Complete Required Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Certification

  • Complete the REQUIRED AML certification course (Free). You must have the RegEd AML only, no other AML will be accepted.
  • Select the "Opt-out of CE credits" option, this AML course cannot be applied towards CE credits. Upon completing the course take a screenshot, save it, and convert it as a PDF for the upcoming steps.

Gather and Convert Required Documents

Gather and convert the following documents as individual PDFs:

  • Copy of driver's license​
  • Copy of state insurance license(s)
  • Voided Check (# must be over 100 or Bank Deposit Letter)
  • E&O Insurance Certificate
  • AML Certificate

Complete Your Background Questions

  • Insurance carriers require a completed background profile before processing your contracting application.
  • Upload all of the PDF required documents from the previous step into your background profile.
  • Make sure to provide a detailed explanation of any "YES" answers.

Optional: Apply for Non-Resident Licenses

  • Once you've signed off on carrier contracts, it's time to add any additional state licenses recommended by your manager.
  • Utilize Sircon to apply for non-resident licenses.
  • Once approved, email each state license to so they can update your profile.
  • Please note that adding additional state licenses will not hold up your ability to start helping families!
  • You can begin writing in your resident state first before your non-resident states get approved.

Design a schedule that best fits your business plan.

Create Your Schedule

  • Write out a weekly schedule and stay disciplined.
  • Check out the sample schedule in the video above.
  • Be sure to block out times for weekly webinars, dial times, and personal obligations.


Learn the basic necessities for running virtual appointments.

Set Up Your Virtual Office

  • Electronic items you will need for your virtual business include a computer, laptop, or tablet, as well as a phone and printer.
  • You will need a workstation with a clean and minimalistic background to run your appointments in front of.
  • Another beneficial item for success includes the Activity Tracker.

Set Up Your Whereby Account

  • Whereby is the digital platform Equis uses to get clients on video for appointments.
  • This platform requires NO DOWNLOADING, making the process seamless and easy for your clients.

Create Your Email Signature

Set up your email signature as follows:

  • First & last name​
  • Senior Field Underwriter
  • Mortgage Protection Division
  • State license number
  • Phone number
  • Link to your Whereby account

Gather and convert the following documents as individual PDFs:

  • Copy of driver's license​
  • Copy of state insurance license(s)
  • Voided Check (# must be over 100 or Bank Deposit Letter)
  • E&O Insurance Certificate
  • AML Certificate

Utilize the underwriting toolkit and carrier quoting tools for appointments.

Underwriting Toolkit

  • Equis Financial has partnered with InsuranceToolkits to provide you with state-of-the-art underwriting technology.
  • Utilize the toolkit on every appointment for hassle-free underwriting.
  • Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use the underwriting toolkit.

Bookmark the Carrier Quotes Page:



Listen to live dials for different types of leads.

Learn to set appointments using Direct Mail "A" Leads.

Download Equis' Lead Journey to learn about the different types of leads:

Print Scripts and Objection Responses

  • Being efficient on the phone is key to your success at Equis.
  • Speak with your manager to learn the script they recommend based on the leads you are utilizing. Make sure to practice, practice, practice!
  • We recommend recording yourself to ensure you do not sound like a telemarketer. Know your objection responses in and out.

Learn How To Set Appointments Using Internet Leads.

Set appointments with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Leads.

Purchase Leads in OPT!

  • Opt! is a software program used by Equis Financial to manage the distribution and handling of our leads.
  • Access Opt! on your Equis dashboard under "Leads" - "Opt! Login."
  • DO NOT pay for Opt! Premium (unless you want to)... It's not needed to order or manage your leads.
  • Contact the Lead Department if you have any questions (828) 299-9600.
Watch the OPT! walk-through video ->

Watch a virtual appointment from start to finish.

Use The Needs Analysis Worksheet On Every Appointment



Learn about the predictable sales model for tracking your business.


Track Activity

  • It's critical to track your daily activity.
  • Use the Activity Tracker to track these 3 key metrics:
    • # of Dials
    • # of Contacts (who answers)
    • # of Appointments Booked
  • Do not track who does not book or why. (It does not matter!)

Participate in Daily Coaching Sessions Monday - Friday at 10 AM ET.

Participate in Daily Coaching Sessions

  • Every weekday, Monday - Friday at 10 AM ET.
  • Utilize Daily Coaching Sessions to make adjustments daily and continue learning the virtual sales process from your colleagues.
  • The key is to participate daily!
  • When joining the sessions, edit your Zoom name to be as follows: Your name - Your Regional Manager's last name - Your State.
    Example: Connor Jones - Rumbo - OH.